interWaysMAIL Overview

is a new, completely integrated email and collaboration service featuring these highlights:

Push-Mail, Push-Contacts, Push-Calendars, support for many mobile devices like mobile phones, iPhone, smartphones, Blackberries, direkt Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mac integration, Thunderbird sync including mail, contacts, calendar, Linux, multiple computers synced, collabortaion features like shared calendars, contacts, mailboxes, documents, wikis for workgroups or families, own domain admin with user administration for your business, data backup possible, SoX-compliance possible, ad-free, spam and virus filtering, and much more...

And secure: interWaysMAIL is SSL-encrypted for ultimate data protection!

This is how our trial system works: First, you start with a 30-day trial of interWaysMAIL based on the Zimbra platform, then we seamlessly switch you over to a 30-day trial of interWaysMAIL based on the Microsoft Exchange platform. After that, you decide which one to keep - Zimbra or Exchange. Both feature robust collaboration features, both have many advantages and options. It is your decision...

Order your free 30-day trial account here!

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Just a quick overview what makes us better than others: