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interWaysMAIL pricing plans

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interWaysMAIL pricing plans:

All accounts are governed by and contracted including our Terms and Conditions.

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Personal plans (prices include 19% VAT, 12 months minimum term):

iPhone synchronisation requires at least an Advanced plan! 
Price per month and account
interWaysMAIL Basic personal
Webmail, Contacts, 50MB Mailbox, ad-free, spam and virus filter. (no iPhone/mobile synchronisation. No Outlook- or Apple Mail sync) US$1.69
interWaysMAIL Advanced personal

Sync Logo

2GB Mailbox- and documents space, includes Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mac and Linux sync for calendars, contacts and email, multiple PCs (sync data between multiple machines, restore after new setup, ....); PUSH-Mail, PUSH-Calendar, PUSH-Contacts, PUSH-Tasks for mobile devices like mobile phones, smartphones, iPhone; calendar-publishing to integrate in web sites, mobile documents as Web-Folders (more online file storage and features available here, additional product), additional domain names for your mail address (see below), 20 additional addresses (see list below) as Alias for your mailbox, filter rules, Webmail, calendar, contacts, mobile Client for Mobile phones/Smartphones, 5000MB Mailbox, multiple calendars,  mobile documents, POP, SMTP, IMAP, ad-free, Spam- and Virus filters etc...


interWaysMAIL Domain personal

Sync Logo


like Advanced, but includes: own domain (e.g. [email protected] (domain price from US$ 2.-/month) or MX-Record for your domain to our servers, 2 subdomains, 300MB webspace, 1GB website transfer/month, domain-admin for user setup and admin, create new mail accounts (price per account see above), many Zimlets** (contact cleaner, birthday reminder, email reminder, contact grouper, email notes, ...), etc...

interWaysMAIL Complete personal

Sync Logo

like Domain personal, but includes: "Persona" (different sender addresses), Remote Wipe of devices when lost, Remote Password lock, Read Receipts, forwarding, hourly external account polling (one account), 4000MB (4GB) mailbox! Online documents (text, spreadsheets, presentations).

interWaysMAIL GRAND :: for Family

Sync Capable

features like Domain personal, includes 2 Sync accounts + 3 Standard accounts or 3 Sync accounts. Shared calendars, contacts, documents, folders. Persona for 1 account, Remote Wipe of devices when lost, Remote Password lock, Read Receipts. Online documents (text, spreadsheets, presentations). Ideal for families!

Business accounts include Remote device policies like password locks, password length, ...


interWaysMAIL :: maxximum personal

Sync Enabled

3 Sync Accounts, specially suited for multiple sync accounts (sending addresses) in one iPhone. iOS 4 or higher. Other features like Domain personal. Online documents (text, spreadsheets, presentations). US $12.99
Additional mailbox space Additional 5GB mailbox space

Sync Logo Designates accounts with mobile (iPhone, Windows mobile, Blackberry, ...) sync support and Outlook/Apple iSync sync support.

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We offer a 10% discount for a contract duration of 24 months.


Additional features (surcharge) (order here):

  • interWaysMAIL Verified Email (iVE): US$ 1.49/month and account
  • Additional 2GB mailbox space: US$ 1.99/month and account
  • Multiple identities (sender addresses), available from within Outlook and Webmail ("Persona")*: US$ 1.99/month and account
  • interWays iFiles/Team-Backup Solutions (see here)
  • Read Receipts: US$ 0.69/month and account, if not included in plan
  • Mobile Remote Wipe and Policies: US$ 0.79/month and account, if not included in plan
  • Archiving (SOx-compliant): US$ 14.99/month and account
  • Mail frowarding to external accounts: US$ 1.49/month and account
  • Polling mail from external accounts (hourly): US$ 1.49/month and account
  • Synchronisation from external calendars: US$ 1.49/month and Calendar
  • Distribution Lists (only possible with own domain): US$ 2.-/month and list
  • Secondary Routing Service (instead of MX): US$ 2.49/month
  • Own keyboard shortcuts: US$ 1.-/month and account
  • Restore Service to a point in time in the past, if available: US$ 25.-/restore

Web-Hosting Features (surcharge - order here via Email):

  • PHP5 Support: US$ 1.-/month
  • MySQL database: US$ 1.99/month and database (only available with PHP5 Support)
  • Additional storage space for web sites: US$ 0.99/month and 1 GB


10% discount per account for purchases of 2-5 account, 20% discount per account for purchases of 6-10 accounts.

Higher discounts available for larger account packages (10+) upon request.


Business plans for commercial use are comparable to the personal plans in features, but carry a 20% surcharge on the personal plan pricing.

To buy a business account or convert your trial account please click here!



Please observe our Terms & Conditions, which apply to all purchases from interWays UG & Co. KG.


You can choose from the following domains additional to or instead of the address:

  • (verified sender address, see Products)
* "Persona" service may lead to delivery problems due to sending address/server mismatch; this behaviour can not be changed.

** Zimlets are add-ond to our state-of-the -art webmail system ( that add even more functions, like: Contact duplicate remover, contact auto-grouping, email reminder, birthday reminder, email notes, Google maps, Yahoo! maps, and many more...

Language Selection

Language: English


Recently, we introduced 2 factor authentication (TOTP: time-based one-time passwords) to our network to strengthen security for your accounts. You can use this method to generate an additional login number on your smartphone when logging into your account.

interWays is ready for the iPhone X! Welcome to our network.

NEW: We strive to be your preferred provider for innovative mail and calendaring applications. That's why we have introduced many new features recently. Click here for more info!
For up-to-date-infos regarding Windows 10 support, please read here!
interWays supports the new Outlook for iOS (Apple) and Android! Of course we will continue full support for the integrated system clients as well. Both Apps can be found in the App Stores.
interWays supports Email transport encryption for many years now. More on this...
interWays is ready for the iPhone 5S/5C and iOS 7!
NEW: We support all current Android and Blackberry phones for full Mail, Contacts and Calendar sync!
interWays has started doing all money transfers with Euro customers via SEPA.
Office and Outlook 2013: Click here!
interWays is ready for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1!
interWays is ready for Windows Phone 8!
New connectors for Outlook and Mac available in our downloads area!
interWays is ready for iOS 5 and iPhone 4S ! All features work right out of the box for iOS 5, now with Tasks sync.
interWays is ready for Mac OS 10.7 Lion. Details can be found here...

Many new features and improvements with our latest update! See here...

Recommend a Friend - earn free months...
NEW: Effective now, you can use shared calendars on your iPhone and Android phone! See here for setup...

NEW: We now offer verified (address checked) email addresses under the domain! See "Products" for details...

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