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interWaysMAIL offers lots of highlights you won't find anywhere else: Outlook interagtion, Apple connection synchronising contacts, calendars, etc, ...

The interWaysMAIL Outlook integration synchronises mails, contacts, calendars and tasks with the interWays servers. All PCs using Outlook, iSync, Linux or Webmail, can access the same data. New: Stay up to date with your mobile devices (mobile phones, smartphones, iPhone)!

Example: Your assistant enters a new appointment at the office - seconds later is show up on your mobile phone. Easy and efficiently.

interWaysMAIL works with every operating system and mobile platform - you can choose devices and computers as you please and keep your email address and sync service.


You can find further information on our business offers here.


Our direct Apple iSync connection synchronises Apple Mail, Contacts and iCal directly with our server. Unique. For OS X 10.4 Tiger/10.5 Leopard, 10.6 etc.!


We support complete integration for Thunderbird for all systems with mail, contacts and calendar, all in sync with the server.


Up to 30GB mailbox space ensure enough storage space.


This is how our trial system works: First, you start with a 30-day trial of interWaysMAIL based on the Zimbra platform, then we seamlessly switch you over to a 30-day trial of interWaysMAIL based on the Microsoft Exchange platform. After that, you decide which one to keep - Zimbra or Exchange. Both feature robust collaboration features, both have many advantages and options. It is your decision...


Our fabulously beautiful and easy to use Webmail is based on AJAX technology.You can access your mails, contacts, calendars, documents and photos from any PC worldwide. Easily usable with drag n'drop.

New: As interWaysMAIL on Desktop directly installable as application on Windows, Mac and Linux. Works offline, too...


NEW: Mobile security features like: Remote Wipe * (wipe all contents from your mobile device remotely if lost or stolen), force passord authentication on device, ...


Create and edit documents (texts, spreadsheets, presentations) online and in teams, right in your browser.


Webmail Screenshot Kalender Screenshot


Using AirSync (compatible with Microsoft ActiveSync),  your mobile devices (Apple iPhone, smartphones with Windows Mobile, many mobile phones) stay connected: Push-Mail, calendar, contacts, are transfered to your device nearly instantaneously, no matter if you are on the road or in the office.


Lost mails? No problem: We can restore your mailbox to a specified point in time.  Backup made simple.


Share calendars, contacts and documents with friends, colleagues or family members using interWaysMAIL accounts! New and exclusive: Works on your iPhone, too!


iCal, WebCAL, CalDAV are some of the standards-based interfaces we support. Apple Mail, contacts and iCal synchronise with interWays servers - exchanging data between Apple, Microsoft Outlook, Linux and Webmail is possible now.


It is possible to import calendars in various formats from other applications, even sync them with online calendars!


Instant Messaging is integrated in interWaysMAIL - chats and short messages to other users are fun and easy.


Our Mobile Client is available for installation on Java-enabled mobile phones and Blackberries or online in a mobile version for all Internet-enabled devices. New: iPhone-Look&Feel!

iPhone Screenshot Mail Webclient iPhone Screenshot Kontakte Webclient iPhone Screenshot Kalender Webclient


Your personal Briefcase saves all important documents, making them available from any PC worldwide; you can even share them with others.

Dateien Aktenkoffer Screenshot


interWays Webmail keeps you in touch with business partners, friends and family.


Extended Rules can move mails into folders, sort them, create out-of-office-replies, filter content and fetch mails from external accounts.


Our extended Spam protection filters nearly all unsolicited bulk mail; your mailbox won't be crowded with junk any more - smart technology at work. most mail-Viruses are deleted by our state-of-the-art virus scanner, updated many times a day.


Secure: interWaysMAIL is completely SSL-encrypted for maximum privacy!


Your domain can stay where it is. Just change the MX entry at your hoster and you can start using one of the most advanced email systems in the world immediately, with the comfort of your own email address! This takes just a minute.


That's how easy communications should be today...


Interested? Order your free 30-day trial account online here or contact us!



The trial account is terminated automatically after 30 days unless you choose to subsricbe to our service.


* Availability depending on device capabilities and tarif plan.



Language Selection

Language: English


Recently, we introduced 2 factor authentication (TOTP: time-based one-time passwords) to our network to strengthen security for your accounts. You can use this method to generate an additional login number on your smartphone when logging into your account.

interWays is ready for the iPhone X! Welcome to our network.

NEW: We strive to be your preferred provider for innovative mail and calendaring applications. That's why we have introduced many new features recently. Click here for more info!
For up-to-date-infos regarding Windows 10 support, please read here!
interWays supports the new Outlook for iOS (Apple) and Android! Of course we will continue full support for the integrated system clients as well. Both Apps can be found in the App Stores.
interWays supports Email transport encryption for many years now. More on this...
interWays is ready for the iPhone 5S/5C and iOS 7!
NEW: We support all current Android and Blackberry phones for full Mail, Contacts and Calendar sync!
interWays has started doing all money transfers with Euro customers via SEPA.
Office and Outlook 2013: Click here!
interWays is ready for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1!
interWays is ready for Windows Phone 8!
New connectors for Outlook and Mac available in our downloads area!
interWays is ready for iOS 5 and iPhone 4S ! All features work right out of the box for iOS 5, now with Tasks sync.
interWays is ready for Mac OS 10.7 Lion. Details can be found here...

Many new features and improvements with our latest update! See here...

Recommend a Friend - earn free months...
NEW: Effective now, you can use shared calendars on your iPhone and Android phone! See here for setup...

NEW: We now offer verified (address checked) email addresses under the domain! See "Products" for details...

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